Comparing Apples and Oranges? Maybe Not…

For November, our inspirational messages will focus on the amazing wisdom of a truly remarkable young man, Sean Stephenson.

“He was born with every bone broken and by the time he was 18 he had already fractured 200 bones. I can’t even come to terms with that kind of pain. Told that he would die at birth, this man is undeniably one of the funniest, most inspiring, and caring people I’ve ever known. He just has this way with people, this energy that you can’t get enough of. I’m not kidding when I say he’s like a magnet.  “~ Vishen Lakhiani

I think you’ll be profoundly affected as you watch these first four segments of Part 1 of the 7-part series “How to Create a Deep Attraction.”

The theme of Part One can be found in the name: “Shattering Your Negative Beliefs – The Growing Pains Of Love.” Sean addresses the notion of limiting beliefs, and asks you to ponder these questions:

  • What is a belief?
  • How can a belief limit your success, in love, business, and life?
  • And, how can you release them, allowing a fuller expansion in your life?

“Limiting beliefs magnetize our universe.” ~ Sean Stephenson

I’d like you to find the commonalities between attracting a mate and attracting a client as you view the video. After all, attraction is attraction, whether it be of a client or a mate. They are not really two different things. I sincerely hope you find this young man as inspirational as I did. Click on each of the images to be taken directly to the related YouTube video! Feel free to leave a comment too; we’d love to hear from you.






4 Responses to Comparing Apples and Oranges? Maybe Not…

  1. Wow! I am listening! I would love hear more of this!

  2. Ahh Karen THANK YOU!!
    what a delight. I watched and started to think of all the people I want to send this to.
    And one of the many things I loved about this was: did you notice the way Sean eased his wheelchair forward when he really wanted to share and then rolled back when he was going into his limiting beliefs.
    Vanessa, (Spain)

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