Envision your ideal life!

During the transition time from my Estate Planning job to my coaching practice, I was really into making vision boards.  I would collect magazines from everyone I knew.  I had stacks of them all over my home.

Each night, I would come home from my job, and look through magazines and cut out words and pictures that meant something to me.  And when the weekend came, I would make HUGE vision boards.  They were 4 feet wide and 3 feet high!   Here is a picture of one that I made in early 2002.

Through these boards, I was envisioning my ideal life.  This helped me to bring it into existence.  Now, you can imagine your ideal life in many ways, and making a vision board is just one of them.  Writing out, in rich detail, in the present tense, is another way of envisioning your ideal life.

Whatever way you decide to do this, it is an important foundational step in filling your coaching practice.  When your practice fits into the bigger picture of your life, it is easier to manifest.  There is something very powerful about the alignment of your practice with your whole life.

Oh, and back to the vision board that I made in early 2002.  I put a very small picture of Canyon Ranch on that board, you can see it here right underneath the gold teacup and above the Coach watch.  When I placed it on my board, I had the vision that I would be going to Canyon Ranch for spa days as my practice got to a point where they would be extremely affordable.

What actually happened is that 9 months after making the collage, I began speaking at Canyon Ranch.  And then I did have those spa days, as compensation for speaking.  They were extremely affordable – at no cost!  The speaking was a plus, something I never imagined.

So create your ideal life vision, any way you want.  You never know when the elements of the vision will occur, or even how they will occur.  This vision will help you to fill your practice in a way that enhances your whole life!

And, if you want to have a coach to work with you on creating this vision, I would love to support you on that.   Here’s how:  http://www.fillyourpracticenow.com.

The topic for next week will be Design Your Ideal Practice.  Stay tuned…

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,


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