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Everyone talks about the importance of finding a very narrow niche for your coaching practice.   The narrow niche part has been a key factor in my business.  When I really narrowed my niche, my clients came flooding in.  Truly.

Yet, I did not really ‘find’ my niche.  In reality, my niche found me.  I like to say that I have ‘received’ my niche.    Here’s what happened: I came from the Estate Planning field, and I worked with accountants, attorneys, financial planners and insurance agents.  That was the professional team that it took to put together an estate plan.

Since I had a fair amount of success in that field (I was chosen for Million Dollar Round Table in my second year), I already had the credibility of my peers.  When I began my practice, many of them wanted to hire me as their coach, and so I started with the broader niche of entrepreneurs.

Other new coaches around me were developing their websites, creating brochures, ordering business cards.   I was not doing any of these things.  I did not even have a name for my coaching business.  I used my own name.  I was not ready to brand myself quite yet.

Even though I felt a bit weird about not having a website, or doing any of the other things many new coaches were doing, I was coaching.  That was something that other new coaches wanted to do.

Within 9 months of beginning my coaching practice, I applied for my ACC credential (which consisted of 250 hours in those days).   Those hours had been earned coaching entrepreneurs.  And that is when a coach approached me and asked me what the secret to my success was.  And she asked me if I would coach a group of new coaches.

I was honored to coach the new coaches, and I loved it.  I was excited about everything that had to do with new coaches.  One of my colleagues at the time told me I could not have new coaches as a niche as they were paying for training and did not have money for coaching.   I didn’t care.  I just knew what I wanted more than anything:  to coach new coaches!

It was then that I made a commitment to my community, the community of new coaches.  And everything fell into place.  Synchronicities abounded.  Coaches sought me out.  I became a trainer of coaches.  I wrote my website in one day.  I became connected to a group of people that are among the most wonderful in the world!

When I look back, there were things that I did, and questions that I asked myself, in order to get into the receiving mode for my niche.  Ask yourself:  What successes have you had in your previous career?  What challenges have you overcome?  What group of people you would love to coach?   Getting clear on these questions is one of the ways you can begin to receive your niche.

And, if you want to have a coach to work with you on receiving your niche and committing to your community, I would love to support you on that.   Here’s how:

The topic for next week will be Develop Your Signature Message.  Stay tuned…

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,



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