Develop your signature message!

Each of us has a unique and inspiring message to bring to the world. It is written deep in our hearts, and it is as natural to us as breathing. Often we are not even aware of this message. Yet it is aware of us.

This message is the core theme of our stories. It is present in every interaction we have. It is the underlying driver of our life.  This message is what we are compelled to tell the world about.

I listen to so many new coaches who put a lot of pressure on themselves to determine the tag line for their business or the name of their coaching company.  They wonder what they will talk about when they do speaking presentations.  They talk about ‘finding’ their topic, or ‘figuring out’ their tagline.

I know how it feels, because when I began my business, I felt the same way.  I was so worried about printing up business cards, or doing my website, and I put pressure on myself to get my message ‘exactly right.’  And then I had an epiphany.

I realized that I could wait for my message.  I saw the title of a book that said “That which you are seeking is also seeking you.”  So I thought I would allow my message to find me.  And, when I took the pressure off of myself, my message came through very easily.

In fact, one of the early taglines of my business “Zero to momentum” came about in a coaching session as my coach repeated the phrase back to me.  And I realized that it is pressure, the perfectionism, fear, or any number of emotions that cause resistance that kept me from hearing the message that was written in my heart.

I also had the experience with a client recently, who was a very intelligent and accomplished executive coach.  He wanted a title for his signature speech, and as he was quoting me a phrase that his friend used to describe him, I heard a great speech title.  I repeated it back to him, and he was off and running.

So, if you want to hear your message more clearly, you can sit quietly, release resistance, and wait for your message.  You can bring the question into coaching, where your coach will be able to listen for it from a place of non-resistance.  You can even ask those around you to reflect back what phrases you say often, or what wisdom you have offered them.

The most important thing you can do is to use your coaching tools to help you release resistance, and your message will show up.  It has to, as it is with you all the time.

And, if you want to have a coach to work with you on receiving your signature message, I would love to support you on that.   Here’s how:

The topic for next week will be Create Your Ideal Business.  Stay tuned…

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,



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