It brought me to tears!

I am so grateful for my clients!  Their actions and results inspire me, and feed my soul. I cannot imagine a better life than to be able to support coaches toward ‘living the dream.”  I want to share with you a testimonial I received yesterday from a magnificent coach that literally brought me to tears.

I am sharing it with you because when one coach has a success, it raises the rest of us up, too.  I hope the story of this very courageous coach inspires you to achieve these kinds of results in your business.

“Before I started working with Karen, I was almost on the verge of giving up my business.  I had become so discouraged from my lack of success after being in business for almost 5 years, it just didn’t feel worth all the effort and hard work anymore!

What impressed me most when I first started working with Karen was her incredibly generosity, intuitiveness and amazing ability to easily and effortlessly help me get back on track with my business (AND making more money!!) in a way that felt joyful! 

Karen’s ability to ease my feelings of discouragement and disappointment while gracefully moving me towards inspiration and motivation felt effortless.

I had previously invested thousands and thousands of dollars in programs and seminars to get my business off the ground and making money, and NOTHING came close to the results I had from working with Karen!

I am so incredibly grateful for Karen’s support and guidance.  As a result of having worked with her, I’ve doubled my income and have a business that brings me so much joy, I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning.  Nothing in my business feels like work anymore because I’m having so much fun!

And amazingly, that fun and joy I’m feeling has translated into a LOT more money.  I’m working with people I love doing the work I love to do and every day I feel blessed.  None of this would have been possible without the support and guidance I received from Karen’s coaching.

If I could say one thing, it would be if you’re in business to make money, live your joy and love what you do, do NOT hesitate for a moment to work with Karen.  She will effortlessly guide you to exactly where you want to be in your business and make it fun in the process!

Karen, I LOVE YOU!!!  And am grateful every day for your incredible coaching!!!  It produced amazing results in both my life AND my business!!!

-Dawn Allen,”

I am so honored and humbled by these words.  And I want to say thank you to Magnificent Coach Dawn for inspiring all of us by joyfully and successfully living her dream!

Wishing you a most wonderful day!

Love and Great Joy,


P.S.  I’d love to help you live your dream (and double your income with ease and joy), too.  To find out how we could work together, send an email to  You will be glad you did!


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