They wanted to coach with me anyway!

For the past nine years, I have been helping coaches develop their practices using spiritual principles.  I was very fortunate to receive my niche within the first 9 months of my business.  It was very clear to me that I was meant to work with coaches, and I said a whole-hearted ‘Yes’ to this invitation from the universe.

This idea of niche is one that perplexes many coaches.  We are expansive people.  We want to help everyone.  We work so well on the inner game, and know that this is where our clients need to work to have anything and everything that they desire.

It is not easy for us to limit ourselves to working with one type of client.  We are so positive, that we do not like to even focus on the question “what is the problem?”  We do not like to speak about what is not working in order to connect with those that are looking for our services.

Yet focusing in on a certain type of person and specific topic that we can coach around is an essential foundation for our coaching businesses.  It gives us a focus for our writing and our speaking.  It helps us create information products that are customized, and programs that are tailored for a specific group of people.

As I said, I have had my niche for many years.  But the events of this past week have reminded me of another less obvious benefit of having a well defined coaching niche.  I was reminded on two occasions that even though I have a niche, it allows others to come to me for help, too.

One afternoon last week, I found myself at my aesthetician’s office.  And the amazing young woman who works on me told me she is leaving the office.  She is looking for a job and has had some really ‘mis-aligned’ interviews during this search.  She wants me to coach her.  (And might I add, she offered to pay me, and even insisted on it, so this was not someone looking for free coaching!).

And it happened again, the next night.  Over dinner, a friend of one of my neighbors asked me if I would coach him around navigating his way through a company buy-out.  This is a very experienced and intelligent person, who wants some brainstorming support.

Both of these people know that I coach coaches.  Yet that did not stop them from asking me to coach them.  I actually say this to my clients all the time.  Pick a very specific niche.  It will not keep others from coaching with you.  In fact, the idea that you are a successful coach will attract them.  And they will ask – believe me, having a niche will make it easier for others to even ask.

So, if you have been concerned about really focusing your niche, or if you have been ‘coaching everyone,’ this may be the time to choose a group of people with a specific challenge that you want to work with.  Having a niche is the first step toward having a strong foundation in your business.  It is the step that everything else flows from.

I want to help you take this step, with ease and joy.  I would love to work with you on honing in on your niche, so that you can receive clients from everywhere.   If you are ready to find out the exact niche that will bring you the success you dream of, send an email to right now and ask for an application for a strategy session to help you.

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,



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