Seeking Balance, with Ease and Joy

June 30, 2012

In this podcast I was interviewed by Susan Merz-Anderson at  who inspires and empowers her clients to create more love, joy, fun and freedom in their lives.

Life Coach Susan asked me questions revolving around relationships, which are a very key part of life for each of us. Listen to the Ease and Joy podcast here. Enjoy!

Can you tell me how you take care of yourself before you take care of others?

The self-care piece of my life is very, very big. I learned a while ago my ability to be generous and to support others is contingent on my own self-care. Sleep is a big thing for me – I get my proper rest. For me, lack of sleep is like kryptonite to Superman. And doing whatever is healthy for me, such as proper eating. I’m not as consistent with exercise but I acknowledge that’s a way I could take even better care of myself. Honestly, my dishes are done before I go into coaching. There’s nothing in the back of my mind since I’ve de-cluttered my environment. From a spiritual and emotional perspective, I make sure I’m doing my own self development. I’ll spend 30 minutes to an hour a day, such as listening to brain wave in training CDs, listening to Abraham-Hicks CDs, doing a visualization with myself, or having a coaching session. Whatever it is on that particular day that appeals to me and feels like an inspired action. Once I do that, then I can be more available for others.

How do you ensure or keep the balance between family, work and social parts of your life?

I really look at how I can keep from getting into that overwhelm. I do everything I can to keep myself really healthy and happy and in a position to honor my commitments. Then as things do happen, I do readjust as needed. I’ll make changes, back out of things, or just stop what I’m doing. By the way, I’m a recovering “Type A.” When I was in business years ago and when I made a commitment, there was no way I wasn’t going to make it happen. I would just push through whatever it took. And now I don’t do that anymore. From my heart and soul I make a phone call and say, “Listen, I’m just not aligned with this right now. I’ve had a very tough week. Is there any way we can reschedule?” Renegotiating those commitments every once in a while. There are some times when my business is really busy, when I don’t see people for weeks at a time. And then sometimes things open up a little bit and I’ll start reaching out. I’m very lucky my friends will say, “Come on down!” I get a lot of invitations when people say, “If you’re up for it we’d love to have you. If not, that’s fine.” They keep sending me invitations, so that’s a good thing, too. 😉

I’m really honest about what’s going on with me (usually in the most gracious manner possible, but I do tear my hair out on the rare occasion, LOL), which helps to let people know how they can support me. Before I came into coaching, my friends and I would talk about problems and how we can solve them. Since I’ve come into coaching, now we talk about what’s working in our lives. We talk about our appreciation. We find a lot of joy. These friendships just fill me up. We’re not always talking about how we can improve ourselves. We do improve a lot, but it’s from a positive focus viewpoint.

What do you do when you experience parts of running your business that you find you don’t really want to do?

My mantra is, “Success with Ease and Joy.” When I first started coaching, I didn’t want to get spend money right away in my fledgling business. I wanted to do a lot of it by myself. So if there was a task I didn’t like to do, I’d ask myself, “Is there any way I could make this more fun? Is there any way I could align with wanting to do it, can I tweak this somehow?” For example I had been a financial planner and I was tired of numbers. So when it came time to do my taxes, I found myself experiencing this dread energy. But as I began to go through my files, I was delighted to recall everybody I took to lunch, all the trips I made, and all the training I got, and thought this is kind of fun looking over the year of what I’ve done. I was starting to get excited about it and connect with it in a different way.

What tools do you use when you start feeling overwhelm or over busy in your coaching business?

I say a prayer, “I don’t really want to do this. Please show me a way I can align with this, or bring me somebody, or have me read a paragraph in a book that gives me the information I need, so that I can find a way that this can be done easily.” I like to use the Abraham-Hicks Placemat Process. I write the things I like to do on my to-do list. And on the other side of my paper, I write the things I would like to delegate to the Universe. I have a To-DO list and a Ta-DA list! I’ll say here are the things I’m really, really excited about doing and so I’m going to do these today. Here are the things I’m not as excited about doing and so I’ll just leave those to synchronicity to see if something happens that can help me. Of course if it has to be done and I’m not aligned with it, I’ll go the old fashioned route and just do it. 🙂  But there are very few of those left.

Can you share with us your tips for living in extreme joy and ease?

Know my values, my purpose and what I’m really about in this world. Know what brings me extreme joy and what’s really easy for me. Get a coach for support!

People may not even know what brings them joy. When I first came into coaching, it was a process for me to find out what brought me joy and what was easy. I was smart, so I could figure out how to do a lot of stuff. So I wasn’t really sure if it was going to be easy or not; it almost didn’t matter! My question before was could I do it or not? Well, I could do a lot of stuff! So now I know myself, what really brings me joy, what makes things easy for me.

I could not do what I do if I didn’t have coaching to help me out. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I can’t afford a coach.” If you’re a student, exchange with someone in your class. Beg, borrow, whatever has to happen to make sure you receive coaching. Join a group coaching program. Coaching is so helpful to me. Coaching is where I clear out my gremlins. Coaching is where hesitations and doubts first appear, and I can release them before they become big. If I don’t have coaching, it is so hard for me to go into ease and joy because then I’m on the fly, I’m in my own little world, and I’m not really allowing all the gremlins and all of that stuff to be cleared. I can’t afford not to have a coach.

How do you tend to self-care, relationship-tending, and balance? We would love to share your stories below!

Client Attraction through Inspired Actions

June 3, 2012

In this podcast, Jeneth Blackert of interviewed me about client attraction through inspired actions. Jeneth, LLC is a change agent for the new wealth experience.

You can listen to the Client Attraction through Inspired Actions podcast here.

Jeneth and Karen spent an insightful 30 minutes discussing Karen’s spiritual steps – and her inspired actions – for booking public speaking engagements, and attracting new clients. Jeneth posed questions about marketing through spiritual intelligence and the Law of Attraction.

Learn Karen’s secrets about what she calls her “inner game” – as well as the “outer game” of creation – whether it’s getting new clients or developing your public speaking engagement list.

Your Inner Game determines 80% of your success at booking speaking engagements.

The inner game includes your personal presence as a coach, receiving your speaking topic, and engaging in “Astral Advertising.”

Your Personal Presence as a Coach

One of the first things I do every day is get my personal presence really strong. I could use any kind of technique for clearing myself, letting go of limiting beliefs, NLP and EFT – so many of these coaching tools are available. I clear myself and maximize my personal presence before I do anything. As Jeneth shared, “Create space in your body so your Fairy Godmother can get in and give you your wishes.”  🙂

Receiving Your Topic

The second part of this is to prepare myself so that I’ve created the space to RECEIVE my topic, instead of getting into my head about what to do. For instance, if I look on my bookshelf and notice how many books I’ve collected about a particular topic, that is a good indication of my heightened interest. I’ll also ask myself before I go to bed what would be a really good topic for me to speak about, and it’ll be foremost in my mind when I wake up. The speech will be about something that I find myself so compelled, so excited, so passionate to talk about. The foundation is receiving a topic that you are completely excited about, and this really helps you to book your speaking engagement.  Within a minute or two of sharing your topic with people, you’re going to bring people in.

The deeper that my topic comes from inside me, the more energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and passion I will have when I’m speaking about it. The law of attraction works with my energy. The more excited I am with my topic, the easier it is to attract people to that topic.

Astral Advertising

There’s more to this personal presence that I stumbled upon accidentally when I first started coaching. I love to speak so I booked speaking engagements in Tucson with some Rotary luncheons and even a few breakfasts (not too many, I’m not great in the morning, LOL). The week before I’d have a speaking engagement, in the time before I’d go to sleep, I did what I call, “Astral Advertising.” I would visualize the people that needed to have this information. I’d energetically connect from person to person for the entire week before. Then I would go to sleep. My intention was that during my sleep time (because I like to leverage my time!) I would be connecting spirit to spirit. When I woke up, in the morning or sometime during the next day, I would be filled with ideas of what to put into my speech or receive some questions to include, and take inspired actions based on that “spirit to spirit” info I was receiving.

I did get a lot of intuitive hits about what to include or tweak in my speech. What fascinated me is that when I arrived at the speaking engagement and while I was welcoming everyone, I really felt a sense of familiarity with the people in the room, as if I had known them already. I had no hesitation speaking, even though I had never met the listeners face to face before.

Incidentally, Jeneth and I used this intuitive method to connect with each other. 😉

Your Outer Game comprises 20% of the success you’ll experience, though many of us have grown up thinking actions were far more important.

The outer game works when we’re taking inspired actions as a result of the inner game.

What is the #1 way to get new speaking engagements?

The #1, easiest, most natural way I have found to book speaking engagements, is by referral through other people. Often I’ll say, “I’d like to have some speaking engagements, what groups do you belong to?” And often the response is, “Oh Karen, we’d love to have you speak at our group!”

One great example is that a friend of mine said, “You know, Karen, you remind me of this woman who spoke to our group and she was fantastic. You two should really meet for coffee.” So we did and as I was telling this woman about my signature speech she said to me, “I did this speaking circuit of 10 events. Here are the names of the program chairs.” She gave me the names and numbers of all 10 program chairs, right then and there. And I was able to use her name when I reached out to the program chairs. They’d say to me, “Oh, she was such a good speaker, and we’d love to have you, Karen.” Talk about synchronicity and being in my own energy – I was filling in for several cancellations and it really just worked out incredibly well.

Can “cold calls” work for you? (And how can you make it “less cold”?!)

As with any inspired action, I would recommend cold calling only in the case of first getting into your personal presence, clearing, preparing your signature speech. But yes, it works! I had the best speaking engagement of my life for two years at Catalyst Ranch in Arizona, the #3 spa in the world. I had been there a couple of times and it had been my dream to speak at Catalyst Ranch. My coach partner and I had cold called them because we were excited about it. The night before our meeting I did Astral Advertising and connected with the woman we’d been meeting. The next day my partner and I discussed our pitch and prepared ourselves for how we’d sell it. Then when we arrived, the woman in charge of speaking engagements handed us this calendar and said, “Here, book yourself for two speeches a month.” We asked, “Don’t you want to ask us any questions?” She replied, “Right now we need speakers.” Wouldn’t you know, a month later they were all booked up again. I’m sure they audition everyone nowadays!

Do keep in mind when booking, some people will simply say no. Just stay with the process. Go back to the personal presence. Go back to the clearing. Go back to the Astral Advertising. Until you feel strong and confident and clear and then take your inspired actions.

I want to thank Jeneth for sparking this uplifting conversation!

What are some inspired actions that delighted you with amazing results? We would love to share your stories below!

Boundaries in Spiritual Coaching

May 26, 2012

In this 25 minute podcast, I was interviewed by Joanne Stein of Joanne is a Joyologist, Potentializer and Success Coach with over 20 years’ experience helping others to experience more joy, prosperity and success. The subject is, “Boundaries in Spiritual Coaching,” and I know you’ll find it fascinating to listen to the repartee around these questions.

You can listen to the Boundaries in Spiritual Coaching here.

What is your experience of bringing spirituality into your practice? In other words, do you let your clients know that you are a spiritual coach, or do you simply utilize your spiritual practices “under the radar”?

That’s something that’s really tailored to the individual client. I’ve really evolved into this. When I first started coaching, I was coaching a lot of entrepreneurs who were very spiritual people and some of them knew it and some of them didn’t. So initially I did not include mentions of spirituality on my website or business cards or in my speaking. I never called what I was doing as “spiritual” – I called it business coaching or life coaching – yet I would talk about spiritual principles. Now I wouldn’t use terminology such as “the law of attraction,” but I would say “based on attraction principles.” The reason I didn’t come right out and say it was because business people were resistant to it. There were still lots of folks hungry for that knowledge and wanting to create that way, but not quite willing to state that. And frankly, I wasn’t willing to state it. And the people I was attracting didn’t necessarily want to talk about spiritual principles “over the radar.”

Once I got involved with coaching and as I’ve evolved, I’ve been attracting more and more spiritual people and coaches to my practice, and I started to put it out there on my website. Five years ago I said that’s it. It’s been an evolution for me; it was all about me and my readiness. It would have thrown my energy off if I had talked overtly about spirituality, before I was ready. When I WAS ready, then people came.

How do you stay positive when your coaching schedule isn’t as full as you want it to be? How do you get the support you need?

If I were to say to myself I want to stay positive, that would put a bit of pressure on me. If I say that I always focus in a positive direction, that eases it up for me a bit. It releases resistance and possibility of self-criticism. One way that I stay focused on a positive direction is that I have regular coaching. 😉

Coaching is the answer for everything for me. At any given time in my practice I’ve had between 1 and 3 coaches. And I’d say for about 80% of the time I’ve been coaching, I’ve had 2 or more coaches.

Currently I have 3 coaches. One coach focuses on marketing my business because that’s her specialty. Another coach is a personal coach who’s been my coach for many years. So I bring my history and she’s seen my evolution. More recently I’ve been working with a coach on physical fitness and health. Because of our schedules, I’m usually able to get 1 or 2 coaching sessions a week with any of the three of them, so whatever’s on my mind, whatever’s just happened, I bring to my coach – no matter which coach I happen to be meeting with. They help me to focus on the positive for example, when I have gaps in my schedule. Always bring it to coaching. If my energy is off, a coaching session will really help me align it. It doesn’t matter which coach and which subject. Any coach I have, I can bring my whole self.

What do you do when a friend calls and wants advice? How do you set boundaries if you decide to coach friends? (And, should you charge for your time?)

This idea of coaching friends. Is it right to coach our friends because those are the people that know us? I did. If you feel you can coach your friends and maintain boundaries then great, but otherwise I wouldn’t go down this path. I explained this is what the coaching relationship is like, if we ever find it’s getting in way of our friendship, (you or me) we’re going to bring it to the table.

I was also charging my friends for my coaching services. I gave them a discount in the beginning because most of them had known me before, they were my first level of clientele and I had wanted to get my coaching practice rolling. I would tell them my regular fees are X and I really want to give you a little bit of a discount because we’re friends. My friends are like me, and I always like a bit of a sale (I love shopping at Loehmann’s!). I felt when I coached my friends, I didn’t have to establish as much of a coaching relationship. It worked out really well for me. I still do to this day. My sister asked me to coach her assistant (who was thrilled). When I offered a discount to my sister, she said she wanted to pay full price.

The other part of this is that I’m a big proponent of competency-based training which is a fancy phrase for saying, “acknowledging what I want to see in the behavior of others.” So when my friends did listen to me with full acceptance without giving me advice I would say to them, “I really appreciate how you’re listening to me. I’m listening to others all day. It makes me so happy that I have someplace that somebody can listen to me.” I would reinforce that with them.

How do you determine if therapy or coaching is the right modality for a given client?

The biggest reason I want to find the best and right modality for the client is that I want them to be well! I can tell as a coach if things aren’t working and I’ll say something. One is if I get a feeling – every spiritual coach has a high intuition and feelings and a sense of what’s going on. For example, if I’m in an initial complimentary session and I have a feeling of a victim mentality – whether I hear “I statements” or “you statements,” that gives me a hint of what the client needs. I may also ask, “On a scale from 1-10, how responsible are you for what happens in your life?” I can also simply listen to the way they’re speaking.

Early in my coaching career, a woman had called me in tears, “I need an emergency coaching session!” I said, ok come by to the office. She’s sobbing in my arms. She was really upset about the state of her marriage. I said I think you need marriage counseling with your husband. She said she had already done that and it didn’t work. “I want coaching and I want you.” So I responded, “Listen we’ll coach for a month (foundation + 3 weekly) and at the end we will check in with each other. If you are making some progress, then we’ll know. If you’re not, would you be willing at that time to go to a therapist?” She agreed. But you know what, she made so much progress and coaching turned out to be exactly the right step for her. We coached together for a couple of years, and within a few months she even took a big driving trip with her husband. So determine what’s right for a client by using all your best skills, refer them if you get a feeling, and make a deal with them if you have any hesitation as a coach. Say, “OK we’ll start coaching and check in after a month.” And then you’ll know.

Again, thank you, Joanne, for your great questions!

What are some boundaries you’ve established or that your coach uses, that you find to be really effective? Please share your tips below.

what really works?

July 11, 2011

(Even though the title is short, this blog post is long.  It is an important one, so please keep reading until the end. I think you will be very glad you did.) 

I am a lifelong learner, and am always on the lookout for new ways of doing things.  In April, I decided to try a new enrollment process that I had learned not too long before, and I followed the directions just as I was taught.   It worked very well.

When I looked at my numbers, I realized that 23% of the sessions that I held resulted in paying clients.  That was a good result, and worth my time for sure, but I felt that I could have done better.

I took some time to learn a bit more and tweak the process, and tried my new enrollment process 2 months later.  This time, 71% of the sessions I held resulted in paying clients.  That was quite exciting for me!

As I reflected back on what had happened, I realized that I made a few small tweaks to the enrollment process, and caused a massive change in results!

The first tweak was a mindset shift on my part.   Before I tell you about that, let me share what one of my clients wrote to me after I taught her this enrollment process (when she wrote me, I realized that this process would definitely work for others, too):

Hi Karen,

Thanks again for sharing the enrollment process.

I tried it out today with a prospect, in person, and it really went well for me.  I felt really comfortable using it and more like I was coaching, rather than selling.  It did take a bit of time, about an hour, and I am comfortable with that at this point.

My intention for the conversation is to discover more about the client, where they are looking for support, and whether I feel I can support them.  I don’t want to rush through that as I think it’s an important piece of establishing the relationship and I want them to have a quality, valuable experience.  

For the women I am working with, it is often their first time reaching for support in this way, and I want them to feel heard.  The fact I was able to do it in person makes me feel even more confident,  That was my first in-person prospect session and I thought it would be really stressful.  Not at all — it flowed beautifully!

~Coach for Working Mothers

I want to acknowledge this amazing coach for her authenticity, and for creating a quality experience for her client!

Okay, I promised to share the mindset shift that really allowed me to have such a high success rate.  I want to begin with a lead in, so you can see the progression of my thoughts.

I am already aware that each new coach contacting me for a complimentary consultation is spiritually sent to me. I have always known this.  I also know that it is my job to hold a sacred space for each new coach’s dream of making a life AND A LIVING.

I have never wanted to push anyone into coaching, or use scare tactics, or hyped marketing.  So, in my April enrollment process, and in fact, in every enrollment conversation I have had in the past 10 years, I have shied away from asking questions like “What will happen in 6 months if you don’t get a coach?” or “Tell me about the frustration of not getting the clients you want.”

When prospective clients said to me, “I’m not ready” or “I’ll let you know,” I took them at their word.  I let them take responsibility for themselves, and put them on a list to contact in the future.  I did not want to go anywhere near ‘overcoming their objections.’  Even those words sound so pushy to me!

My ‘aha’ moment and mindset shift around the enrollment conversation was that in the exact moment when I took them at their word, I abandoned the sacred space for their dream.  That is a pretty strong statement.  Yet that is the word that came to me from my guidance as to what I was doing.

When someone really wants something, and they start moving toward it, their gremlins will come out and try to talk them into staying where they are.  I know that this happens in coaching, and have helped many clients get past their gremlins.  I am very familiar with this concept and I bet you are, too.

What I had not fully realized is that this happens in the enrollment conversation, too.  Since it is my job to hold the space for their dream, I must help them get past their gremlins in that moment and get into coaching.  Coaching is the safe place for them to land.  If I do not help them get into coaching, they will be out there on their own and saying ‘no’ to their dream.

And I also became aware of the fact that the each time they said ‘no’ to their dream, it deflated just a bit.  I knew that I did not want to deflate anyone’s dream.  Ever.  When my mindset shifted, I was able to have a different enrollment conversation.

Now, I am able to support those who came to me to make their dream come true.  I am able to help my prospective clients sort out those solid good reasons for not moving forward with coaching from those fears that plagued them, and help them to gain clarity about which is which.  I am their coach, their champion, the wind beneath their wings, their soft place to land.

This is the mindset that really changed things for me, and has helped me help others in a profound way:  the understanding that many times there are gremlins keeping clients from attaining their dreams, and they will show up in the enrollment process.  I have the knowledge of what to do with gremlins.  I learned it as a brand new coach.  I  just now apply it to the enrollment process.

This is the mindset part of ‘what really works’ to support both the prospective client and the coach in the enrollment process!  Stay tuned next week for another tweak I made in the enrollment process which caused more ‘aha’ moments for me.

I hope you have enjoyed this extra long post.  I have written it for you, so that you can change your mindset and tweak your own enrollment process.

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,


P.S.  And, if you are interested in learning more about this process and want to experience it first-hand, send an email to and ask for the questions that will start you through this enrollment process yourself.  You will get to experience it from start to finish.  🙂

Become like the pied piper!

May 4, 2011

The Pied Piper story came to my mind this morning as I was thinking about following up with prospective clients.  Remember the story of the guy who played his song, and all the village children followed him?  This is a perfect metaphor for attraction in a coaching practice.

I know that as each of us plays our own unique authentic song (shares our own signature message with the world), then others will hear, and follow us.  It sounds easy.  And it can be.  But in my coaching business, I realized that this was only half of the story.  And that I had to embrace the other half of the story in order for my clients to have true success.

The other half of the story is that I must hear my prospective client’s song, and follow her.  What does this mean?  Let me give you an example:   I had a new coach come to me a couple months ago, wanting help with filling her coaching practice with ease and joy.  And she needed to produce income quickly or she was going to have to go out and get a job.

When any person is in this position, it is often scary to invest in coaching.  She felt like she did not have the income to invest right now.  Yet, if she did not invest in her business, it made it much more difficult to bring in income.

So, I followed her.  I sent her emails.  I kept in touch.  I did not give up on her dream.  I heard her song. And sure enough, she came around and is now being coached.  She has received her first client, so the coaching has already paid for itself.  (She joined my e-coaching program, which is very affordable, even for the newest of coaches.)

So, here is my challenge to you.   Who are the prospective clients you have spoken to in the last couple months?  What is their song?  What is their dream that they want to embrace, but are afraid to invest in?  Reach out to them.  Send an email.  Make a phone call.  Hear their song.  Follow them.

And, if you want to have a coach to work with you on hearing the songs of your prospective clients, I would love to support you on that. Here’s how:

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,


68 seconds to creation!

April 25, 2011

When I began my coaching practice, I was very intrigued by the concept of manifestation.  I listened to hours and hours of Abraham-Hicks audios.  I read Laura Day, Catherine Ponder and Wayne Dyer, and was very intent on unlocking the secret to instant manifestation.  In fact, this concept still intrigues me to this day.

The idea that pure thought, held for a certain period of time, could replace hours and even years of action in the creation process was one that I played with a lot in those days.  In fact, it was said that 17 seconds of pure positive thought energy would equal 2,000 “man-hours” of work, and that if you went to 68 seconds, it would equate with 2,000,000 hours of action.

In case you do not have a calculator handy, 2,000,000 hours equals over 228 years!!  So, 68 seconds of pure, positive energy is the equivalent of 228 years of work!!!!  I was determined to use this to my advantage in those early days in my business, and I did.   What happened really impressed me.

Here is what I did.  I would practice these 68 seconds at least once a day, just getting into that pure positive energy, and staying there.  I would set a timer for 1.25 minutes, and then get into pure energy.

As you can imagine, some days this was harder than it looks.  I had already quit my job, and I desperately wanted to have my coaching practice work out.   One of my closest friends told me I should get a part time job.  My family was watching me with loving, but also protective, eyes.

Yet I kept at it.  I knew that I needed to prove to myself that my energy was at least as important (and hopefully much more) important as my actions.  I had a quote on a sticky note from Abraham that said “Line up your energy [translate:  68 seconds of pure positive], and then take the inspired actions.”  I wanted to build my business with inspired actions, and be extremely successful.

And here’s the impressive part.  As a new coach, I gave sample coaching sessions as a way to allow others to experience coaching, and I was very successful at it.  One day, I ran the numbers:  I compared the number of sessions I had given to the number of clients that had signed up for coaching.

I realized that I had given 25 sample coaching sessions, and that I had 24 clients!! That was a phenomenal closing rate!  I knew then that lining up my energy was the way to totally leverage my time, and to this day, I still do something every single day to get my energy aligned.

So, here is my challenge to you.  Try staying in pure positive thought energy for 68 seconds.  This means no critical thoughts, no worries, no negative energy at all.  Or if you cannot do it for that long, try even 17 seconds.  That’s worth 2,000 hours of action.  Do this every day for a week and see what happens.

You can post any insights or successes about this in the comments section below.  I’d love to find out your experiences.

And, if you want to have a coach to work with you on lining up your energy and taking your inspired actions, I would love to support you on that.   Here’s how:

The topic for next week will be “Putting it all together and attracting your ideal clients.”  Stay tuned…

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,


Create your ideal business!

April 18, 2011

When I was in the Estate Planning business, I had what many people would say was great success.  I qualified for the Million Dollar Roundtable in my second year.  I worked with amazing high net-worth clients who wanted to leave a strong legacy for their families.   I went to conferences and meetings that were held at the Ritz and the Four Seasons Hotels.

And, in addition to all this, I was working over 60 hours every week.  I was taking business calls on weekends while having brunch with my parents.  In our office, it was frowned upon to get in to work after 8am or to leave before 6pm.  It was common practice to take lunch at my desk in front of my computer.

Even though I had success, I wanted more than that.  I wanted the same degree of financial success and I wanted the same great clients.  And yet, I wanted to do all this with ease and joy.  In January of 2001, I knew that would be the year when I left my job to find a different type of success than I had known before.  I just did not know how I was going to do it.

Then one morning, on my way to work, I stopped at a restaurant to drop off some paperwork to a friend of mine.  She was meeting another friend for breakfast.  I got there early, and her friend Nancy was there waiting.  She told me she was being trained to be a coach, and asked if I wanted a free coaching session.

To be honest, I scheduled the session just to help Nancy out with her training.  Little did I know that I would sign up for coaching on the spot, and that our coaching would help me leave my job, and create the business that was just right for me!

In my coaching with Nancy, I got to spend time thinking about the elements of my ideal business, and getting clear on what I wanted.  And I also saw that my current job had some of those elements, but not all that I needed to succeed in a way that would make my life ‘pop!’

What are the elements of your ideal business?  Do you know what hours, offerings, engagments you would love to have?   Think about what would make your whole life ‘pop.’  What does that look like?

And, if you want to have a coach to work with you on creating your ideal business, I would love to support you on that.   Here’s how:

The topic for next week will be Discover Your Inspired Actions.  Stay tuned…

Wishing you a most wonderful week!

Love and Great Joy,