Inspiration from a 14th Century Poet

October 23, 2009
Hello, Magnificent Coach,

For this week’s Be Inspired Now! message, I’ve been given the joyful
task of sharing a poem from one of my favorite Persian writers, Hafiz.

He is one of the world’s most beloved poets, and often called the
Tongue of the Invisible. For very good reason!

What’s the magic of Hafiz? For me, it’s simple. If you can imagine
a doorway between the ordinary world and the spiritual realm;

there he stands, beckoning us to walk through – or at the very least,
inviting us to stand in that liminal place with him, to experience the
joy he feels there.
His poetry puts the mudane right next to the sublime; and squeezes us
into the space between the two. That’s where the magic happens.
The poem for today is Cast All Your Votes for Dancing.

Here’s to joy!

Until next time, I send you…

Love, joy and deep appreciation,

Kim Stacey
VA to Karen Cappello